The History of Guildwood Village by Bob Taylor-Vaisey

  • Guildwood Village: A Retrospective Look Over Time - Guildwood: A Retrospective Look Over Time was enthusiastically created by the Guildwood Village Community Association (GVCA) in honour of the GVCA’s 60th Anniversary. The film has been publically posted as a service to the community and must be used solely for viewer’s private home viewing and library purposes, and in no event can the film be altered, […]
  • The History of Guildwood Village: Model Homes, Construction & Marketing - By Bob Taylor-Vaisey This fourth installment in a series of columns about the evolution of Guildwood Village explores the Avenue of Homes: 12 unique, furnished, architect-designed homes. The grand opening of sales in August 1957 attracted 25,000 visitors on the first weekend alone and was dubbed “the largest display of its kind ever presented in […]
  • The History of Guildwood Village: Street Names - By Bob Taylor-Vaisey It’s all in the name. The streets of Guildwood Village Fact: number of streets in Guildwood Village today: 48Fact: street names proposed and accepted and/or rejected: 98 Street names were proposed by Spencer Clark and his small team.[1]  They were named after garden communities in the UK and the USA[2], philanthropists known […]
  • The History of Guildwood Village: The Build - By Bob Taylor-Vaisey The plan: where it started and how it changed What was planned and what was implemented were quite different. The plan was to develop the village in four quadrants with three of them (NE, NW, SW) adhering to the garden community concept.  Of particular interest is the canopy.  Spencer Clark wrote, The […]
  • The History of Guildwood Village: The Concept - By Bob Taylor-Vaisey The evolution of Guildwood Village: the concept Guildwood Village is a welcoming enclave.  That was the original plan.  Today’s community sits on the first level of Lake Iroquis and until the early 1900’s was farmland.  A majority of today’s village was owned by four families:  the Humphries, The Eades, the Galloways and […]

The History of The Guild Inn

  • History of the Guild Inn - About 1795 John Graves Simcoe, First Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada commissioned  Augustus Jones to survey Scarborough Township, plotting it’s concession roads and township lots. (Some documents state that Jones built the log cabin located at The Guild for his survey crew, however, Jones and his crew lived in tents during their surveys, and it has been proven […]

The Avenue of Homes

The Studio

  • The Studio - Assembled from two buildings, the studio was constructed by Rosa and Spencer Clark from a garage and a stable building moved from another part of the property sometime in the 1930s. The two were joined and expanded to house many of the workshops and later a showroom for the crafts produced on the property. A […]

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History of the Guild Inn (converted to post – UW)

Guildwood: A Retrospective Look Over Time (post -UW)

The History of Guildwood Village – Bob Taylor-Vaisey

The History of Guildwood Village. The Concept (post)

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The History of Guildwood Village. The model homes and the Avenue of Homes (post -UW)

The History of Guildwood Village. The Streets of Guildwood: NW, SW and east of Galloway (included in this post)

Guildwood street names proposed, and used or rejected. (linked in post)

Aerials of Avenue of Homes (converted to post -UW)

Avenue of Homes Construction photos (Converted to post – UW)

Avenue of Homes. Model Homes (Converted to post – UW)

Composite photograph of model homes (Converted to post -UW)

Groundbreaking for Guildwood Village (Converted to post -UW)

Guildwood Village Promotion (converted to post – UW)

Guildwood Village. Opening Day (converted to post -UW)

Other model homes in Guildwood Village (converted to post -UW)

The Studio (converted to post – UW)

Postcards from the Inn (converted to post -UW)

Now and Then (converted to post -UW)

Corycliff Lodge (converted to post – UW)

Guild Inn Historic Photos (broken link to non-existing blog post from 2017 – confirmed in 2019 backup UW)