What is the GVCA

The GVCA is your Community Association, made up of you, your neighbours, and thousands of other families in Guildwood. Led by a group of dedicated volunteers, and with hundreds more who contribute throughout the year, we are committed to organizing and promoting community activities, to encouraging and enabling involvement of residents in issues which affect our community, and to representing the interests of the community in dealing with governments and other organizations.

We keep you informed through the News & Views, special flyers, public meetings and this website. We believe that an informed association is a strong association.

We encourage participation in community functions: our Garage Sale, Guildwood Day, and the Christmas Celebration help us discover what it means to be a community.

Each year we also sponsor a team in the Guildwood Softball Association.

We respond to Villager’s concerns, and we promote action to ensure Guildwood remains a great place to live. Your participation, suggestions, criticisms and comments are encouraged.

The GVCA was formed in 1958. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for caring about our community, for providing responsible leadership and promoting community spirit. The need for these attributes is timeless!

Guildwood Village Community Association takes an active role in working with other Stakeholder Groups, Elected Officials and City Staff in protecting and promoting the legacy and stewardship of Guild Park & Gardens. If you are interested in booking park facilities or taking wedding photography at Guild Park & Gardens; we encourage you to contact the City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation Department for information on how to apply for Park Permits. Please also find links to the web-sites of other Guild Park & Gardens Stakeholder Groups that are involved in the stewardship of Guild Park & Gardens and host various public events and activities at the Park.

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